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Expander Program

Posted By: shaena30

Expander Program - 10/20/15 12:58 AM

Hi Everyone!

I am currently enrolled at Mildred-Elley for Medical Transcription and I am looking for some opinions on different expander programs that MT's use.

Also, I am looking for any one who has tips on what I need for beginning lists that could help me out.
Posted By: kkb

Re: Expander Program - 02/03/16 04:40 PM

Hi Shaena,

If your plans are to work at home as an employee, usually the company will require and furnish their expander program, so I wouldn't buy one until you have secured a job. If you get work as an independent contractor, they still might furnish the expander or you might have to buy it, but they will probably have a specfic program that they would require you to use.

As far as beginning lists, I am assuming you mean terminology to remember? When I started way back when I had a notebook where each page was a letter of the alphabet and I put unfamiliar terms under the proper letter. You could do the same thing but make it a word processing document and you could use the "find" feature to quickly locate it.

Hope that helps--good luck!
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