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omitted words

Posted By: shereel

omitted words - 07/12/09 08:56 PM

I am in Allied's Medical Transcription course and have been for the past 18 months. I have trouble with punctuation and grammar. I get alot of these types of errors, is there anyway to improve this?
Posted By: Srenee

Re: omitted words - 07/13/09 04:48 PM

Good question. I would like to know as well.
Posted By: kkb

Re: omitted words - 07/14/09 03:49 AM

The AHDI Book of Style has a lot of grammar information specific to transcription, and most companies use that as their grammar and style source for transcription.

For general grammar information, I would suggest getting a good grammar book and studying it and also using it for a reference when you are transcribing. I bought the Gregg Reference Manual used on Amazon for about $10 a few years ago. There is also a workbook to go with it that you can purchase (new and used copies also). Just search for "Gregg reference manual" to see them.

Of course, there are other good books also, but that happens to be the one that I have and I found it to be excellent. Before I got that I used an old high school English textbook (like 25 years old) that I bought at a yard sale for $1!

Also, try googling "grammar website" and you will see a lot of sites that would help as well!
Posted By: francissand360

Re: omitted words - 02/03/11 02:29 PM

KKB was right, another best way to improve is also by practising that way sure you can improve better. Practise and sure you will succeed because you become the author of your creation by practise. that way it improves self confidence and sure you can do better. Anymore questions I will be glad to help.
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