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Reprise of The Poll on a New Forum Title

Posted By: SOMara

Reprise of The Poll on a New Forum Title - 05/02/02 07:20 AM

Hello everyone.

We are going to open this poll again because many members stated they did not have a chance to register their vote last time. We received 48 e-mails from members about this, so we hope that those members have more time to vote this time.

The poll is to select a new name for the forum currently named "The MT Nest." The choices so far are as follows:

The MT Nest
The Kitchen Table
The Water Cooler
Over The Backyard Fence

If you would like to add another choice, please post a message in this forum. We will add it to the above choices in the poll.

I'm sure this poll may seem a bit much for some members, but we do like input from members whenever possible. We will leave this for a while to see if there are any new suggestions, and, if not, we will then run the poll.

Please check the announcements for information regarding this new forum. Thanks.
Posted By: SOMara

Re: Reprise of The Poll on a New Forum Title - 05/26/02 12:49 AM

I was going to open a new poll on suggested names after affording certain members the opportunity to add their suggestions, but alas, in spite of their specifically requesting that I do so - they did not. So, in light of the under-whelming response to add other names to the temporarily-named "MT Nest" Forum, as administrator I vote we go with the original results.

We therefore will name the Forum "Over The Backyard Fence" as originally polled.

All in favor - Aye. All against - Nil. smile
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