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Vote On New Forum Title

Posted By: SOMara

Vote On New Forum Title - 03/10/02 05:48 PM

In order to save time, I have initiated the first poll. I thought it would be fitting to take a poll on which forum title is the most popular.
Posted By: Mugwamp

Re: Vote On New Forum Title - 03/21/02 04:48 AM

So - "Over the Backyard Fence" is the winner...
I like it. And, I think the new forum is great. It's good to see people jumping in with their nonmedical subjects and ideas.
Posted By: SOMara

Re: Vote On New Forum Title - 04/16/02 11:23 PM

Hi everyone,

I've held off doing anything with the poll results for two reasons:

1. I've been getting e-mail from people that said they didn't know there was a poll and it was over before they got to vote, and;

2. It's easier to make changes during regular maintenance of the board, and;

3. In light of people not knowing of the poll, I think I'll add a new forum just for the occasional poll.

So... I am going to open up the poll again, but under a new forum. I'll leave the poll open for a month or so to make sure that members have time to see the poll and vote. I will adjust the forum name to indicate that it is temporary until the second poll results are in.
Posted By: SOMara

Re: Vote On New Forum Title - 05/26/02 12:38 AM

I was going to open a new poll on suggested names after affording certain members the opportunity to add their suggestions, but alas, in spite of their specifically requesting that I do so - they did not. So, in light of the under-whelming response to add other names to the temporarily-named "MT Nest" Forum, as administrator I vote we go with the original results.

We therefore will name the Forum "Over The Backyard Fence" as originally polled.

All in favor - Aye. All against - Nil. smile
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