Several experienced MTs have said that it's not just clinics and hospitals that need MT services, but also chiropractors, podiatrists, therapists, etc.
My question is this--
Chiropractors are not M.D.'s , therefore they cannot perform surgery or even prescribe drugs, so does that mean that the only types of reports that they would need would be H&Ps, Consults, and chart notes?
Are the reports somehow different for chiropractors-- other than the standard HP, Consultation, etc.?
Has anyone here transcribed for a chiropractor before, and if so, could you please tell me what to expect and if possible, show me the types of reports and formatting that are generally used?
Chiropractic offices are springing up everywhere in my area, and I have been getting this "gut" feeling that I should get into chiropractic transcription. I have been searching the net for info. concerning this, and have found a very interesting thing called the "Report Master".
It's a "windows compatible software program that writes SOAP, initial, Interim, and Final Reports."
They say that most chiropractors use the program by checking off the exam form as they see the patient, then taking a quick look at their printed Autocodes and Putting in the Autocodes they want used on the Exam form. Then they simply hand in the form to the person who will produce the report. The person who produces the report then enters the data directly onto the screens in the program- that are the same as the Exam form.

The website is www.reportmaster.com

I'm thinking that maybe I would be able to purchase the program myself, and utilize it for several chiropractors, by explaining the system to them, and supplying them with the Exam forms and printed Autocodes.

ANY thoughts, ideas or information about this (and transcribing for chiropractors in general) would be so greatly appreciated!
One thing is for sure...
I have spent so much time and energy (well spent!) on learning how to actually "transcribe", that I have not really had enough time to learn as much as I should about computers/software, etc.
I need all the advice I can get!!

Have a GREAT day : )