Hi! I recently relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, and I'm trying to "share notes" with others who can give me pointers on setting up an MT business. I've been doing highly technical word processing for 10 years, and I also have a recent MT certificate, although I haven't actually worked in the medical field.

Is there an MT living in Las Vegas who could let me know of any doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc. in this area who are willing to use my services on a "trial basis" and then possibly extend a job offer to me, assuming they like my work? Is there anyone out there willing to "farm out" work to me so I can get some on-the-job practice? Are there any reputable agencies who could direct potential clients my way or help me to work (preferably) from home? Also, is it a good idea to work for "agencies" out of my area, perhaps out of my state...or would that present problems?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

P.S.--Also, can anyone tell me if I need to consult an attorney before starting my business?

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