I am an RN with excellent typing and computer skills. I recently lost my job with no notice - company went bankrupt! I would love to work from home and have been researching my options, especially medical transcription. I am very familiar with medical records and the different types of reports generated by physicians. But - I have a few questions on how to get started. First is HOW!!?? and then WHO and WHERE could I potentially get a chance.

Most of the postings ask for 2-3 years of experience. I have checked out the information posted above (Evans, Medquist, etc.) but am not sure just how to approach these companies. I do not want to start my own business, would like to work for an established company. (I live on Cape Cod and wonder if there are local New England companies that do telecommute type of business.) I am interested in your input, especially regarding the above and also regarding the reputations of these large companies.

I have a fairly well equiped home office - computer, modem, fax, etc. What else do I need or do these companies provide the equipment?

I am also very familiar with medical coding since I was responsible for my own ICD-9 coding while doing home care.

Please post to this or e-mail me at
I would appreciate your assistance.
Thank you - Marti

PS - this is a great site, by the way

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