I currently am QA. Company owned by India pretty much. Morale is getting lower and lower but people are trying to stick it out. The majority of supervisors are horrid but I lucked out. Anyway, I would like to work at least 5 more years if possible (I just turned 67!). I just took the test for Softscript. Had been offered a job with them in the past, part time moonlighting deal, but they wanted a definite 20 hours/week and I just couldn't do it. Anyway, they ARE strictly USA and no speech wreck AND in my time zone. Most of the jobs I've had and quit in the past ten years have been for reasons beyond my control: I'd still be self-employed if the doctors hadn't gone to point and click and decided they didn't want transcription services. Okay. I worked for a wonderful gal running clinics in Oregon, I'd still be there but - they went to employee status and since I'm in Washington and she's in Oregon, L&I laws prevented me from doing it. Okay. So I worked for another gal who owned her own business in Yakima, WA. BUT she lost her biggest contract to the EMR and we are all forced to find other jobs. then I found this place, sigh! Even though the bosses were horrid, I luckily got hired in QA and had a wonderful, wonderful boss. Now I have MOn through Fri, early hours which I like, but now we are one huge and I mean huge QA team and quite frankly the majority of the powers that be treat all of us like we don't have enough sense to come in out of the rain, as my grandmother would say. I suppose that's the case everywhere though, but quite frankly I'd be happy just straight typing operative reports for the next 5 years, especially with no offshoring, and no speech wreck. What to you all think? Have any of you all worked there? If I do get an interview I'll ask all these questions, but SOMEBODY must like it there or they wouldn't still be in business. Ditto for this place too, I guess, though the turnover rate is high I do believe. HOnestly I'd like to get my AA in music and teach piano to first graders, but. . . we'll see. smile

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