Hello MTGabbers.

This announcement is to mention a couple of changes at MTGab.com.

We have added a new "Buy & Sell" Forum in a response to a number of members who thought it would be a good idea. So, we'll give a try and see what happens.

We've also brought back the forum: "Medical Transcription Courses" so new members especially can have open dicussions on various courses available.

Another major change is the removal of the "MT Courses & Examinations" Forum. This forum, although generating a lot of interest and involvement must be closed. We, rather naively, thought that members would discuss the topics much the way they did in the "Medical Transcription Courses" Forum, but also gain information about the best way to prepare for exams: whether they were difficult or not; which company seems to have the best or worst examination protocols for students, etc.

Unfortunately, the forum morphed into nothing more than students blatantly asking for examination answers from other members. Some have even gone so far as to give the exact exam question number; the fake patient and doctor name; as well as other text directly from the examination question(s).

This type of cheating is particularly disheartening since to become an MT, in my opinion, you need to have basic moral fiber, an ethical attitude, strong integrity, and most of all, honesty. An MT, at all times, should conduct herself/himself as a professional, keeping their work confidential and accurate.

Members who have joined MTGab.com and have chosen to cheat on the very exams whose outcomes will affect whether or not they become Certified MTs, are not only hurting themselves and the profession, but could ultimately hurt a patient. Being an MT requires ongoing self-education, regular structured seminar/workshop attendance and an awareness of major changes in many other pertinent areas of medicine, pharmacology, biology, and other related health and science disciplines.

Someone who is looking for easy answers to exam questions is not the kind of person that will progress sufficiently to maintain their career. Being an MT is hard work and only the most dedicated, honest, ethical, and moral individuals will be able to maintain and pursue a fulfilling career.

We do not like censoring our members posts unless we feel we have no choice. After being contacted by a number of members and a few instructors from different Medical Transcription career training schools/companies and having realized the actions of some MTGab.com members is detrimental, or at the very least counter-productive to their education goals, we have decided to close the forum. Any similar posts placed in other forums will be deleted and the member will be banned.

Wishing you the best of health,

MT Gab Administrator