I asked for one word help on a similar web-site once and was drummed out for cheating. I had Googled and searched, listened and re-listened until I was going crazy. I gave the other MT's what I thought the word was and asked for help. I didn't get it. Obviously one of them told on me and I received a you're-not-welcome-here e-mail which was a joke. A joke because I can tell by some of the questioned asked on that particular web-site that there are many students out there trying to find out words the same as I was. (Not MTGab web-site!). I just wanted one word, that was all.

With regard to this poll I find it odd as there seem to be many already listing reports - and have not been stopped.. so it is happening anyway.

I think people should be helped, this is a search engine same as using Google, Bing, whatever - or even looking it up in a book - but it is not a proof-reader and I don't believe entire reports should be listed. This seems odd and I am surprised the online school doesn't get to hear of it.

So, help - yes, for the odd word or format, comma placement, headings - but not whole reports, no.