Um, that would be a great big NO. Of course at this point it doesn't really matter 'cause I've noticed there are tons of very specific course questions being asked and answered, even going so far as to post entire reports to be proofread for them. It really has nothing to do with cheating, although it certainly is. The biggest problem is that the person posting this kind of specific question ultimately learns very little. A HUGE part of being an MT is learning how to effectively proofread. A student has no way to gauge their progress in this area if they are having others proofread their work for them. Ain't nobody gonna do it for 'em when they're out in the real world workin', which means they gonna find themselves unemployed PDQ if, and that's a really BIG if, they can even manage to pass an employment test in the first place.

Go ahead, post your course specific questions and ask people to proofread your reports. You're wasting whatever money you put out for your course. You will never make any kind of decent living being an MT. Period.

I'm not talking about general questions regarding how to use commas or general style/formatting questions. Everyone has questions and the internet is a great place to look for answers, but when you sit here and post entire reports to be proofread for you, well, it's only yourself you'll have to blame when you either can't get a job or can't keep that job if you do manage to find one.

I know I sound hostile, but there's really no way to paint a pretty picture from this. It is what it is.