Hi Gabbers.

I get a number of messages from new members who request my permission to ask members for answers to specific course questions that are part of the curriculum they are currently completing.

I have always believed this is a form of cheating and so have tried to monitor this-without much success. (I`m assuming the student would just go elsewhere on the Internet anyway.)

There may be new methods of learning that allow the student to get help with course questions. The answers from others would then be acceptable in their attempt to complete a medical transcription program.

If the majority of poll results are for "Yes" then I will start a new area for posting and replying regarding course exam questions.

Please post your comments in the New MTs Forum forum.

P.S. We have no way of knowing which members have voted.

Should We Start a Student Help Forum and Give Specific Course Answers?
single choice
63%, 15 Votes
25%, 6 Votes
13%, 3 Votes
Total Votes: 24
Voting on this poll ends: 06/25/11 05:15 AM

Wishing you the best of health,

MT Gab Administrator