A friend of mine quit doing MT and gave me all her books. Unfortunately, they are all very old books. Most of them are early Stedman editions. I was wondering if any student would like to have them. My thought being that as you use them you will realize right off which ones you are using the most and will need to replace with new editions. That might help cut down on the $$ you spend on your library. Will also throw in my old copy of the the Stedman's 2nd edition Ortho & Rehab Words whis is the most recent but very dog-eared.

I have also had a lot of problems finding a headset I like and have accummulated probably 20-30 different kinds of ear things, in the ear, over the ear, over the head, etc. and if anyone would like these would be glad to send them along. This would include a pretty good stethescope pair that I just do not like the sound quality of but used it for many years. Maybe you are all like me and with the new headsets on the market just don't bother with the "medical" headsets any more.

Will send these to you if you just reimburse postage, and I think I can put them in flat rate boxes. So if you are interested, let me know.