Curiosity got the best of me so I did a little research--I was unable to document "faux profil" in my Stedman's Radiology, Orthopaedic, or Abbreviations Word books. When I googled "faux profil" (with quotes) the only hit I got was this post.

If I was doing this dictation I would not expand it in the body at all, and even if it was in the diagnosis section I would leave it as is since I cannot say with any certainty what the abbreviation stands for.

For future reference, if you don't have an abbreviation book, I would recommend -- they have a medicine and science tab which would further narrow results. I use it as a first-line reference when I'm transcribing and if I can't find what I want then I go to my Stedman's Abbreviations book because they have acronyms that are not found on that site. I google as a last resort.

Good luck!

kkb (Karyn), who considers herself a newbie and still remembers what it was like to be a newbie!